sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Latino pride, Pitbull

This is pitbul, he is from Cuba, latinos and everybody enjoy his music all around the world, This is Mr Calle 8


Now this is the kaind of girl who children need to be looking at insted of hannah montana she does songs for the fans and for the world she is a really nice person and animal lover i hope i can meet her some day in my life.she knows how to dress not like a perve like miley cyres she is not the kaind of girl that would lie or say a bad world now this is what i really call an angel who dosent do nothing rong and while she was with nick she didnt go to his house only in public and only kiss no touch no nothing ronq like Hannah Montana who go to all her boyfriends house and Selena Gomez parents really knew how to raise a sophisticated young lady.she is even on covers of latin people and I bet she is proud.