jueves, 31 de enero de 2013


I should be crying, if I’m looking in the mirror and not seeing myself I should be crying.

I feel the pain, yet I’m so cemented outside I show no reaction.

I look around trying to find safety, I find darkness swallowing me.

I close my eyes, I pray for my soul to be cleaned of this guilt.

I feel those burning tears trying to breathe, but I’m holding back.

I feel weak, I know I’m weak. Yet I keep my strongest face on.

I see the danger, but like a fool I walk through it then wonder why I get bruised.

Back to being guilty again, I’m sick of this shameless game.

Seeing people walking around, holding guilt like a winning card.

Am I mad??? Or maybe its just guilt giving me illusions???

Like a coward hiding behind my words, I won’t do a thing – I can’t do anything -.

Like a coward writing my killer a poem, begging time to heal my wounds.

Letting guilt win this round; I’m guilty, Can’t deny it can’t turn time around.

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Obama, shootings, kids and fame

I think Obama is paying for to much attention to the shooters involved. in his gun speech he even mentioned the shooter in cali briefly. That is telling people, hey, if you mass kill people, the press is gonna talk about you, your gonna make the news, the country is going to know your name. Watching his gun speech I was thinking, wow, I really hope kids don’t see this and think mass shootings is the way to go if you want to be remembered. and I shared this with my best friend and he said he was thinking the same thing.
This huge stage is being set for America. I believe the Aurora and Newtown shootings were a completely fabricated hoax. But with the press giving so much attention to these two boys, I feel there are going to be REAL shootings occurring now. Where real actual hopeless kids feel mass murder is the only way to be noticed. Obama set the stage for the 2013 shootings… you think 2012 was bad? I think there is going to be an pandemic of mass killings by children who are just trying to be noticed in the world.